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Starry Sky

Our organization started as a small street team ministry to help feed the homeless in 2006.

Ladies Empowering All People is a non-profit organization that gives free wigs, head coverings, breast prosthesis, and makeovers to women and children suffering from cancer and other conditions that affect a person's appearance.​ Women who have been diagnosed with cancer experience a wide range of powerful emotions, including disbelief, fear, anxiety, worry, and anger.

Cancer puts a significant impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing. Cancer frequently results in a succession of losses, including the loss of excellent health, temporary or permanent changes to one's appearance, and how one sees and feels about oneself. Some of the most effective cancer therapy techniques are not typically recommended by a physician.

Lisa Amosu.


No matter what people say, appearance is important to everyone at some point in time. Looking different, being teased, turned down for a position or simply being ignored. I genuinely understand how appearance can be the cause of feeling powerless, isolated and afraid to look in the mirror. 

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